Can You Negotiate With Fashionphile?

Can you trust Fashionphile?

While there are definitely troubling reports about customer service, the items you buy will be authentic.

We give Fashionphile a thumbs up, just be aware that the service isn’t perfect and that you may experience some issues..

Can you return on Fashionphile?

Return Policy We will gladly accept eligible returns within thirty (30) days of the purchase date. Please see our full return policy details below. Item(s) must be postmarked within thirty (30) days of the purchase date. If the return does not meet that requirement, the item will not be eligible for a refund.

Is the real real legit?

The RealReal is the world’s largest online marketplace for authenticated, consigned luxury goods. With a rigorous authentication process overseen by experts, The RealReal provides a safe and reliable platform for consumers to buy and sell their luxury items.

What percentage does Fashionphile take?

– 15% of the sale price for the portion of a sale price in excess of US $3,000.

Do you pay tax on Fashionphile? sells bags directly from its website and on eBay. The company collects sales taxes from customers who live in California, but not from people who live in other states, Davis said. … But the purchases aren’t really tax free under the law.

How long does it take for Fashionphile to pay?

Please note for check payments sent within the Continental US may take 7-14 business days for delivery. International mailing addresses may take 14-21 business days.

Where does Fashionphile ship from?

Community Display. What shipping service does FASHIONPHILE use to ship within the US? Domestic orders shipped are sent via UPS.

How do you get a Fashionphile coupon?

How do I get Fashionphile coupons? You can check out Giving Assistant’s page for Fashionphile to get coupon codes and deals that you can use on your online orders.

Why is Fashionphile more expensive?

“Due to the rare and exclusive nature of this bag, the asking price is slightly higher than retail.”

Does Fashionphile sell fake bags?

Even though I didn’t believe Fashionphile would ever knowingly sell a fake bag, I still felt better having it independently verified for my own peace of mind. … They had not, but there was something in the voice of the sales associate that gave me a little hope.

What percentage does the real real take?

50%(e) A Commission Rate of i) 50% will always apply for any items priced between $146 and $195 and (ii) 40% will always apply for any items priced under $145, regardless of the amount of Net Sales you have achieved in the applicable Commission Window, your starting Commission Rate for any Commission Window, or any other …

What does Fashionphile pay for bags?

How much commission do they take? They give you a straight forward buyout price. You get 70% of the sale price. Handbags priced over $3,000 you will receive 85% of the portion of the selling price above $3,000.

Who can authenticate a Louis Vuitton bag?

To authenticate a bag, seek the help of a professional authenticator. Authenticators are people who work with the brand for years and seen thousands of authentic bags so they know what an authentic Louis Vuitton bag looks like. Order an authentication by messaging us on Facebook. It’s only $10 for the peace of mind.

Is Fashionphile a dollar?

All FASHIONPHILE prices or quote offers are listed in US dollars (USD). We are unable to provide any currency exchange estimates as these rates constantly fluctuate.

Can you Afterpay Louis Vuitton?

Afterpay Your First Designer Bag With Royal Bag Spa Today From Gucci items on Afterpay to Louis Vuitton items on Afterpay, we have it all here at Royal Bag Spa. No matter what luxury item you are looking for, we have luxury brands here that will appeal to a wide range of customers with different fashion tastes.