Question: Are The Cayman Islands Dangerous?

What is the best time of year to visit the Cayman Islands?

The best time to visit the Cayman Islands is between March and June when the hotel rates drop.

The islands are warm year-round with average highs holding steady in the 80s.

January and February are the coolest months with average lows in the high 60s..

Are US dollars accepted in Grand Cayman?

The Cayman Islands dollar is the official currency of the Cayman Islands, although U.S. dollars are readily accepted everywhere. … The Cayman Islands Dollar & the Euro: At the time of this writing, CI$1 = €0.85. Inversely stated, €1 is worth approximately CI$1.17.

Are there sharks in Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands are known for being a popular diving destination in the Caribbean with over 365 dive sites. … There are 8 species of sharks commonly found in the Cayman Islands, including: Great Hammerhead, Nurse shark, Lemon shark, Caribbean Reef shark, Blacktip, Tiger shark, Oceanic Whitetip and Silky shark.

Are there crocodiles in Cayman Islands?

Two species of crocodiles are native to the Cayman Islands: the American crocodile Crocodylus acutus and the Cuban crocodile Crocodylus rhombifer. While both species have some capacity to tolerate sea water, they are not to be confused with the infamous “Saltwater crocodile” of Crocodile Dundee fame.

How deep is the water around Grand Cayman?

25,216 feetThe relatively narrow trough trends east-northeast to west-southwest and has a maximum depth of 25,216 feet (7,686 m), the deepest point in the Caribbean Sea.

Are groceries expensive in Grand Cayman?

Groceries are expensive but it is much more expensive to eat out three times a day. You can save a lot by preparing some simple meals (breakfast, lunch) and going out to eat once a day. … I love the Caymans, but they are pricey so staying in an apartment or condo and preparing some meals helps to control the cost.

Are there snakes in Grand Cayman?

Only four types of snakes – Cayman ground boas, Cayman racer snakes, Cayman water snakes and Cayman blind snakes – are endemic to Cayman, according to the Cayman Islands Department of Environment website, and none pose threats to people or pets.

How much money do you need to open a bank account in the Cayman Islands?

Minimum opening deposits with Cayman National are US$1,000 for non-residents and CD’s usually start at US$5,000. You may hold funds in CI$, US$, CAD$, Sterling, and other major currencies. Some currencies may require higher minimum account balances.

What is the safest country in the Caribbean?

DominicaThe safest country among those offering citizenship by investment. Numerous assessments recognize Dominica as the safest country to live, work and travel to within the Caribbean.

Which is the most dangerous Caribbean island?

JamaicaJamaica is probably the most dangerous spot in all of the Caribbean and thus it tops our list. Certain areas of Kingston in Jamaica are considered one of the most dangerous places for travelers and locals alike. Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world and is rife with drug trafficking and crime.

Are there dangerous sharks in the Cayman Islands?

Sharks are very rare in the Cayman Islands, and even if they appear, they don’t attack people. When you consider that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people swimming in the waters of the Cayman Islands every day, the fact that there has never been a major shark attack is impressive.

Can you drink the water in Grand Cayman?

Water — The water in the Cayman Islands is, for the most part, safe to drink. Two desalination plants on Grand Cayman supply good-quality purified tap water to the entire West End, including Seven Mile Beach. If you can determine that you’re drinking desalinated water, then it’s safe to drink. Just ask.

What’s the drinking age in Grand Cayman?

18 years oldThe legal drinking age in the Cayman Islands is 18 years old.

What food is Cayman Islands known for?

Cuisines of Cayman Islands Traditional dishes are frequently prepared with fish, seafood, vegetables and spices. Fish and seafood are the main ingredients for any Cayman dish; the most popular are Tuna, turtle, Snapper, mackerel and Mahi-mahi which are usually prepared with tomato, onion and peppers.

Is it safe to swim with stingrays in Grand Cayman?

etc. is that there is NO danger at all. Tourists visit “Stingray Beach” regularly with no problem. As for diving, rays may be “friendly” enough or even tolerate a diver’s approach in some areas of the world, but they never “attack”. … No trip to Grand Cayman would be complete without picking up a Sting Ray.

How much does it cost to live in the Cayman Islands?

Rent can be anywhere between $1,300 and a whopping $3,300 per month, based on the apartment location and its features. Utilities and other monthly costs are also pretty expensive, including internet, and especially entertainment and eating out.

Is the Cayman Islands safe for tourists?

The US Department of State classifies travel to the Cayman Islands as a level one advisory, meaning tourists must “exercise normal precautions” while travelling. This simply means that the Cayman Islands is quite safe for tourists, and if you are looking to go here for a nice vacation, you can do so without worrying.

Is it safe to swim in the Cayman Islands?

I live in Cayman and the water and beach at Governor beach is excellent. Water is crystal clear and very safe to swim. over a year ago. We visited Governors Beach several times over a 3 week period last July/August (2018).

What is the crime rate in the Cayman Islands?

Crime rates in Cayman IslandsLevel of crime29.61LowProblem people using or dealing drugs31.00LowProblem property crimes such as vandalism and theft38.44LowProblem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery30.53LowProblem corruption and bribery37.00Low8 more rows

What language is spoken in Grand Cayman?

EnglishEnglish is the official language and the main spoken language, heard in a variety of dialects.

What country owns Grand Cayman?

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory and overseas territory of the European Union located in the western Caribbean Sea. The territory comprises the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, located south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica.