Question: Is A Ghost Cam Tune Bad For Engine?

Is a ghost cam tune bad?

There’s nothing wrong with a ghost cam tune, plenty of people running it with no problems.

Unless you’re auto, then it’s probably not a good idea due to the effect it has on drivability..

What does a ghost cam tune do?

Ghost Cam tunes utilize the Mustang’s Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (TiVCT) to make the engine sound and feel race-ready.

How much horsepower does a Bama tune add?

Keeping in mind that increases will vary by vehicle and modifications, here are some of the gains you can expect to see from a Bama Performance Tune with basic mods: 2011-2014 Shelby GT500 Mustangs have seen dyno proven gains of 30 RWHP and 35 ft-lb’s of Torque.

What is Ghost Cam?

So my understanding is that a Ghost Cam is just a tune modification to make the engine sound like its cammed. It’s just a novelty feature for sound. …