Question: What Is The Means Of Crazy?

What is the meaning of crazy boy?

(informal) Having a great romantic or sexual attraction to young men.




What is the full form of crazy?

Rating. CRAZY. Christian Radical And Zealous Youths.

What is a crackhead person?

ABOUT THIS WORD A crackhead is a slang term for someone who is addicted to or does a lot of the drug crack cocaine.

What does bonkers mean?

informal. : crazy, mad: such as. a : very fond, enthusiastic, or excited She’s bonkers for/about opera.

What do you call a crazy person?

mad person nounperson who is considered mentally ill. bedlamite. crazy person. demented. deranged.

What is the meaning of crazy world?

2 fantastic; strange; ridiculous. a crazy dream.

Is more crazy correct?

The comparative form of crazy; more crazy.

What is the meaning of crazy friend?

mean it in the best way possibleBecause crazy friends always “mean it in the best way possible.” They’ll do it for the goof or for the experience and if they fail, they’re crazy enough to pick themselves up again. I am proud to be part of my crazy group of best friends.

What is another word for psycho?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for psycho, like: crazy, screwy, psychopathic, loony, mad, psychotic, insane, psychotic person and crazed.

What is the definition of a crazy girlfriend?

These days, a man’s favorite thing to tell a woman is that she’s crazy. … A woman who goes to these extremes is just extremely emotional. That doesn’t justify their actions at all, but it just shows immaturity and reveals that she needs to improve her method of coping with her feelings.

What does it mean when someone says you are crazy?

Of course people call you crazy – you’re dreaming of things that other people’s mind’s can’t even begin to conceive. Being called crazy means that you’re a forward thinker, an innovator, someone with an open mind. There’s nothing worse than being like everybody else.

What is criaz?

noun. a baby vicuna, llama, guanaco, or alpaca.

How do you say crazy in a nice way?

bananasbonkers.brainsick.crackers.crazy.crazy as a loon.cuckoo.daft.demented.More items…

What does Cray Cray mean in texting?

crazy, i.e. strange, insane, or wild. That party was cray cray. That family was so cray-cray.

What is the means of crazy?

The definition of crazy is someone or something that is insane or not mentally sound. … An example of crazy is a person who is in a mental hospital and who is yelling, hallucinating and otherwise acting like they are insane.

What is the meaning of crazy girl?

Preoccupied with the romantic or sexual pursuit of women or girls. adjective.

Are you crazy meaning in English?

1 adj If you describe someone or something as crazy, you think they are very foolish or strange.