Question: Who Needs A Media Kit?

What does press kit mean?

media kitYour press kit, also known as a media kit, is what contains general company information and materials that can be used by anyone that is interested in writing about your company.

The details within a press kit are also non-sales or marketing focused and are very specific in terms of: Logo variants..

What is a media request?

When writing stories, journalists often seek out quotes, comments, or interviews from businesses in the industry they’re writing about. They typically put requests out on social media, forums, or on dedicated platforms such as JournoRequests, PressPlugs and ResponseSource. These asks are known as media requests.

What a media kit should include?

What should be in a media kit?Media or PR contact information. In the event a member of the press should reach out to an organization, who should they contact? … Important and recent press releases. … Company background. … Leadership biographies and headshots. … Logos. … B-roll footage and still photographs. … Other elements.

Are press kits still relevant?

In fact, some companies now require press materials to exist solely in a digital format to help reduce paper consumption and costs. … Like its printed counterpart, the goal of the electronic press kit is largely still the same – to help members of the media develop stories related to a client, product, service or event.

How much does an electronic press kit cost?

The costs for these printed kits range from $700 to $5000…and that’s just for the design. You can tack the cost of printing on top of that. An electronic press kit (EPK) comes in digital format such as a website, email or downloadable file.

How do I create a media package?

A step-by-step guide to creating a powerful press kitOverview: Give a brief summary. … Press Releases: List a few notable milestones. … About: Highlight additional information. … Audience: Visualize your market. … Resources: Include all useful materials. … Media Assets: Provide high-quality images. … Founders: Include a short bio.

What is in a press packet?

What is a press kit? A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a page on your website that contains resources and information for reporters and publishers. The best press kits make it really easy for reporters to quickly learn about the product and brand, and access photos and marketing materials they can use.

How much does a media kit cost?

In fact, if done well, they can be real assets. Press kits are relatively inexpensive ways to get you noticed — perfect for creative but fiscally challenged freelancers. With an average price of $5,000, they’re way cheaper than most forms of advertising.

How long should a media kit be?

Try not to make it more than three paragraphs for each person. A media release: Journalists will want to know what is going on and have some details about the event. Your media release should include quotes from the person who is available for interview.

What is a media kit in PR?

A Media kit (also commonly known as a Press kit) is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person or persons represented for promotional use. Kits are often distributed to announce the release of a new product or service or during a news conference at which announcements are being made.

Why do you need a press kit?

A press kit is a page or folder on your website that makes it incredibly easy for journalists to learn about your brand and access photos and videos to use in their content. Press kits give journalists all the facts and figures they need so they can focus on telling a compelling story.

How do you make a media kit on Instagram?

5. What should you include in your media kit?Your contact details. … About yourself and your Instagram page. … Instagram pictures and a picture of yourself. … Instagram stats. … Audience demographics. … Past collaborations. … Anything else that makes you stand out. … Collaboration options and pricing.More items…•

How do I create an EPK file for free?

How to make a press kitPick a catchy message and tagline. The first element you’ll add to your electronic press kit is a title and a subtitle. … Choose a theme. Themes are a great way to start the design process. … Showcase your brand with images. … Communicate with engaging text. … Share your press kit.

What is a backgrounder?

A backgrounder is a 3-5 page informational article that you provide to reporters to help them with their research. It should read like an informational article from a general encyclopedia — not like a promotional piece from your client.