Quick Answer: How Do You Get Popular On Behance?

Can I use Behance as portfolio?

The Pros of Using Behance Or, you can add a portfolio for free, with limited design and feature options.

Behance is a platform that allows many people with web design careers to showcase their portfolios of visual work such as graphic design, fashion, illustration, photography, and more..

Can you get work from Behance?

When you are ready to apply for a job found on the Behance Joblist: Click on the job posting. Click the blue Apply on Behance button. You will then be brought to the application form.

What is the best time to post on Dribbble?

Think carefully about what time you post To do so, you need to select what time you post carefully. This golden time for Dribbble is well known to be Monday – Thursday from 11 pm to 2 am PST. It’s also important to remember that the Dribbble front page resets at 9 pm PST.

What should I post on Behance?

Checklist for Behance postingPost only high-quality designs (with at least 3 screens per post) … Always post at least one in-progress shot. … Have an eye-catching thumbnail. … Use 5 to 7 hashtags on each post. … Comment regularly (10+ times per day) on top viewed posts. … Follow everyone you comment on. … Post your designs on Reddit.More items…•

How do you make money on Behance?

By placing the corresponding ads on your website, you can begin earning a small amount for each click you generate to the advertiser’s website. Obviously, websites with greater traffic can earn a substantial amount from month to month through PPC programs.

What is the best time to post on Behance?

The best time to post on Dribbble is Monday – Thursday from 11pm to 2am PT. According to Morgan Allan Knutson’s observations : “Dribbble’s front page resets at 9pm PT (12am ET) so you’re posting time will be the next day, even at 11pm PT as the dribbble HQ is on the east coast.

How do I get my portfolio noticed?

Get noticed: 6 tips for getting your portfolio seenTell people about it directly. Write to your contacts to tell them about your portfolio, but don’t make your message look like spam. … Update it regularly. … Share it physically as well as digitally. … Contact design gallery blogs. … Write a blog yourself. … Add links everywhere.

Can you see who views your behance?

Click on the blue button to see the number of views, types of reactions, as well as the usernames of the people who have seen each photo or video in your Work in Progress. Only you are able to see who’s viewed your Work in Progress.

Does behance cost money?

Participation in Behance is free, and there are no restrictions on the number of projects a member can create. There is also no limit on the number of images/media users can upload. The Behance platform is free for creative professionals across disciplines.

How do I sell on Behance?

To do this:Head over to your project.Select Edit.Hover over a space within the images to insert content.Choose the text icon.Once you have added your text, highlight the text and create a link using the link icon (chain symbol)More items…•

What is Behance com?

Behance (stylized as Bēhance) is a social media platform owned by Adobe which claims “to showcase and discover creative work”.

How do you get noticed on Dribbble?

7 tips to get your design work seen on DribbbleTell the story behind your work. People connect with a story. … Only use relevant tags. … Add attachments to show the breadth of your work. … Use Rebounds. … Ensure your profile is complete & current. … Authentically interact with the community. … Consistently share your work.