Quick Answer: Is BBC Sounds Free?

Is BBC Sounds working?

BBC Sounds app requires users to have a device which is capable of running iOS 11.3, Android 5 or Amazon OS 5 (or above).

Android: BBC Sounds in the Google Play Store.

iOS: BBC Sounds in the Apple App Store..

Do I need a TV Licence for BBC sounds?

You don’t need a TV licence to use BBC Sounds. The law applies to watching and downloading TV programmes, including via BBC iPlayer. For more details visit the TV Licensing website.

Does listening to BBC Sounds use data?

In reality it’s actually 0.94MB, but 1MB per minute sounds better in my head. So, if you’re listening to a “standard” 128kbps radio stream on something like TuneIn for an hour on your smartphone, it’s going to consume 60MB (or 56.25MB to be precise) of data.

Are BBC podcasts free?

BBC Sounds has launched one week after Google debuted its own podcasting effort. The Google Podcast app is available to download for free on Android handsets and tablets and supports 47 different languages.

What does queued mean on BBC sounds?

my downloadsWhy are my downloads queued? Your downloads might get stuck in a queue if you’re trying to download over a mobile network and haven’t enabled this in the app. Go to My Sounds > Settings > Download settings.

Can you listen to audiobooks on BBC sounds?

You’ll find a list of our available audiobooks in the audiobooks category. On the BBC Sounds app, scroll down the homepage to the Categories section. Tap View All, then head to the Audiobooks category.

Why can’t I download BBC sounds?

Seeing a Download Failed message on the BBC Sounds app on your mobile or tablet? Close the app completely and then re-open it. For some people, this has allowed the download to complete in full. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

Do you pay for BBC sounds?

BBC Sounds is available for free from Apple, Google Play, Amazon and online at bbc.co.uk/sounds. Download the free app today and happy listening!

Can I set a timer on BBC sounds?

Here’s how: Start playing the programme or live stream you want to listen to. At the bottom of the playback screen, tap the clock icon. Select how long you’d like the stream to keep playing before it switches itself off.

Is BBC Sounds replacing iPlayer?

In 2018, the BBC announced that it would replace BBC iPlayer Radio with a new audio product called BBC Sounds to introduce a more personalised listening experience. … This change happened to our website in October 2018 and our BBC iPlayer Radio app closed in September 2019.

Is it better to stream or download podcasts?

Streaming the entire podcast will use the same amount of data as downloading the full episode. … Also, listening to the episode multiple times the download will perform better as you only need to capture it once instead of streaming the entire file twice.

How do I get BBC sounds?

AndroidIn the Google Play Store, search for “BBC Sounds”Once you’ve found the app, select Install and the app should begin to download.After you’ve downloaded it, select Open and this will bring you to the app which you can begin to use straight away.

What does subscribe mean on BBC sounds?

Subscribe on BBC Sounds Subscribing on BBC Sounds means you’ll see a personalised feed of your favourite podcasts and programmes in My Sounds. You will need to download episodes individually. On the website. Click on an episode of the programme you want to add to your Subscribed list.

What’s the difference between BBC iPlayer and BBC sounds?

A BBC Spokesperson said: “Unlike iPlayer Radio, BBC Sounds is personalised and gives listeners the best radio, music and podcasts from the BBC where people want – increasingly on mobiles.

How does the BBC Sounds app work?

The BBC Sounds app is an app you can install on your mobile or tablet to enjoy live and on-demand BBC radio, music mixes and podcasts. It’s completely unique to you as it’s designed to learn from your listening habits. … hours of BBC audio available.

Why is BBC sounds so bad?

The BBC Sounds app has received low scores on app-rating sites, being initially criticised for the lack of a sleep-timer function for Android devices, a failure to reliably display track names, the difficulty of sharing content, a limited range of programming and a mediocre search function.

Does it cost money to subscribe to a podcast on Apple?

All of the podcasts listed on the iTunes Store are free.