Quick Answer: What Questions Should I Ask An Accountant?

What should I ask my accountant at my first meeting?

10 Questions to Ask When Working With an AccountantWhat’s the best way to contact you and how often should we be in touch.

How can you help me prepare for (and survive) tax season.

What are some considerations I should consult with you about on an ongoing basis.

How can you help me grow my business.

How can you help me clamp down on my cash flow?More items…•.

What should I ask my small business accountant?

Questions to ask your accountant#1: What kinds of records should I keep? … #2: How should I structure my business? … #3: How should I prepare for tax season? … #4: What business expenses can I deduct? … #5: When should I pay estimated taxes? … #6: Are the people who work for me employees or independent contractors?More items…•

How do I break up with my accountant?

It is best to arrange a phone call or meeting with your accountant and let them know the reasons why you have decided to move on. It is a good opportunity to iron out any problems or grievances but more importantly to thank them for the service and explain very objectively your reasons and that it is no slant on them.

What questions should I ask my tax accountant?

11 Questions to Ask When You Choose a Tax AccountantDo they have expertise in areas relevant to you?How many years of individual tax experience do they have?> … Do they have an advanced degree?Will they represent you if you are audited?Will they review your past tax returns at no charge?What fees will they charge?Is there anything I can do to keep fees down?More items…•

How often should you meet with your accountant?

about twice per yearIdeally you are meeting with your accountant about twice per year, once in January or February and once in March or April. The first meeting gives you a chance to learn about any updates to tax laws that may have been passed in the last year.

What do you expect from your accountant?

What Should You Expect From Your Accountant?Get Your Tax Correct. It is really quite a basic and fundamental expectation. … Be Proactive. … Know Your Business. … Be Available. … Help Improve Your Cash Flow. … Save You Tax. … Prevent Any Surprise Bills. … Know Your Aspirations.More items…•

How do you interview an accountant?

Determining the Fit with Your Accounting TeamTell me about a time when you made an accounting error and explain how you handled it. … Tell me about your experience presenting financial data to non-financial staff. … Describe a time when you met a particularly tight deadline and explain how you did it.More items…•

What can an accountant help me with?

What Does An Accountant Do?An accountant can advise on business structure. … An accountant can issue invoices. … An accountant can record sales. … An accountant can manage and pay invoices from suppliers. … An accountant can manage payroll. … An accountant can keep you up to date with tax laws and changes.More items…

What are good questions to ask an accountant?

The 6 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Accountant this YearHow can I help you do a better job for me? … How can you help me with health care for my employees? … How can you help me to make this tax season better than last year’s? … How can you help me better manage my cash flow? … Are there any industry-specific tax regulations that I should know about?More items…

What personality should an accountant have?

ISTJ personality types are the “examiners.” They are deeply dutiful and caring, conscientious, dedicated and honorable. These are important traits for accountants, who should be responsible and trustworthy. The ISFJ personality type is generally quiet, caring, supportive and sensitive.

What are basic accounting questions?

Here are some of the top accounting interview questions which are generally expected:Q1. How many types of business transactions are there in accounting? … Q2. Explain real and nominal accounts with examples. … Q3. Which accounting platforms have you worked on? … Q4. What is double-entry bookkeeping? … Q5. … Q6. … Q7. … Q8.More items…

What makes a good tax accountant?

A good accountant should foster open communication, keep you up-to-date on what’s going on with your taxes and make themselves available to answer any questions you might have about the process.